Coupon and go spam

coupon and go spam

of phishing scams have been going on for years, the possibility of getting an easy discount and spreading it to friends, thus making it viral, have turned this new way of tricking people into a global phenomenon. It uses the logo of the business. This scam offers you woolworths coupons south africa online coupon codes and, once you agree, requires you fill in a form with personal information.

coupon and go spam

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Uses We personalise the offer of services depending on your navigation tastes, interests and customs linked to the products and services offered, showing advertisements of websites located in the domains of third party companies. Give only your home address to get mailed coupons. Don't click on them. Don't be tricked into paying for something that's actually free. Or by post if you prefer this. You may end up giving the sender a lot of information about you, or even an opportunity to infect you with malware.