Coupons photoshop file

coupons photoshop file

Tool (U) and draw small circle above coupon body layer, like on the picture below. Do the same for manhattan parking coupons the word. Create a new layer called background and fill the layer with #fbef4b color. Step 6, with Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) draw rectangle (set Radius to 15px) and set the color to #e2151c. And add some more text. Cmd/Ctrl click on coupon group layer mask thumbnail, Edit Copy Merged and then Edit Paste to paste resulting layer on top of all layers. Create new layer below word Clean and fill it with white color. Select all those groups and group them in one group. Create a new layer group (Layer New Group name it coupon and drag coupon body layer into this group.

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Next duplicate this layer, apply Gaussian Blur with 3px Radius and lower the Opacity of this layer to 30, and finally unhide coupon group. Select all circle layers and group them in one group, then duplicate this group, and move it a bit down. Create another one, using the same buy pasysafe voucher method, in the upper right corner. Duplicate this layer (Cmd/Ctrl J then using Free Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl T) make duplicated layer a bit bigger. For the font choose. Create new document using 1 pixel for the width and 5 pixels for the height, with transparent background.